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Pathology— W. H. PEPLEU, M.D., CM., Trinity University ;

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1. Andrew. St. BartTiolomeics Hospital Eeports, vol. x. pp. 356, 359. — 2. Ashby.

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highest professional recognition. Whatever the rationale of the

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by pressure of the finger on the lids. The aqueous evacuated on the

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and " the man from the colonies " has been patted on the back

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total was only 2,378, though in that period 15,682 children had been

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been likewise. During digestion, as Bernard has established,

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results from a mechanical cause capable of being removed by

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incorrect, therefore totally false. To set at naught these gra-

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and others of recent date, and even after several years' duration,

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on its exterior, thin at its centre and periphery, with a thick

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the legs were drawn upward. The thighs of the child pressed the womb

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officers of the Xational Guard, ])ro]>rietors or managers of manu-

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about 20 beats per minute, during the first hour of the so-

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suppuration more docile to local and constitutional treatment.

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white layer and a good dusting powder of subiodide or subnitrate

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tions of certain histological observers, other not less able and

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caused 37 and the latter 59 deaths. Remittent fever pro-

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knew that he had a favorite eye ; and it was always more easy

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mechanism we are speaking of remained in an imdeveloped con-

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from village to village performing miraculous cures, and who,

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be held at the Hotel Majestic, Xew York City. This will enable

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by a consumptive. To this end, cigar workers are required to

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out being impressed wdth a feeling of veneration for the author.

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attack mivy be limited to a single event. An arthritis, an endocarditis,

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How they gathered those remembrances of days of long ago.

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— ^Diagnosis of acute purulent inflammation of the maxillary an-

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pathologists, denied that a pus corpuscle and a phagocyte were

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of these duties satisfactorily so long as they engage in the manu-

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vomiting, the complex of symptoms thus simulating a gastric dis-

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insanity, that " the individual is a social element, and to have

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he is fifty and turns up with gallstones, with some of their com-

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when no nitric acid is added to the substance in tlie retort.

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to have been found in the little operation known under the

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