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twenty normal eyes, and upon eighty affected with various patho-

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The Canadian returns ■were unsatisfactory: in 1882 the military

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medical associations and fraternal societies, a member of the Senate

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operation wound had not in the slightest degree injured that mem-

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It was done, and the way is now cleared for an untrammeled presentation

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the subject of this memoir. Ilew^as a constant and volu-

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tion of pus which compresses the air in the cells. Belief only

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temal oblique to Poupart's ligament over the cord, leaving the

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English as follows : " In case of twins, neither the first child

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not convey to one not familiar with the subject any clear idea

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of Kentucky, and in that capacity actively served until the close of the

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that it was impossible for him to keep birds, of which he was

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spot. The blister remained eight and a half hours without

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certain relations instantly intermix when brought together.

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respiratory system, 3,248; digestive system, 1,052; urinary

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unconscious, breathinc; heavily with suffused face, and a little froth

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but by means of his exjicriments bus l)een able to show that cattle

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victors in their important suit against the firm of Henry Thayer

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and as soon as the pain is relieved complaints of want of sleep are seldom

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effects can be obtained in goitre than from the ingestion of the

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which are closed in the ordinary condition, but in the state of

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the effort of preserving the whole hand. "We have been taught

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tion, it would, especially if combined with morphia, tend to lessen

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of the city profession on January 17th at his home, cor. McCaul

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modified to suit your profession, and when you have heard it, to

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fibres become indistinct or are altogether lost. These changes of

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complete. Nevertlieless in giving a prognosis the risk of fibrous ankylosis

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the occasional manifestations of this disease. A particularly con-

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