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the notice of the profession by Drs. Triboulet and Mathieu, of Paris.

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free in the meshes b* b*, and are covered with pavement epithelium, which by higher

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j'eliable is the ligature, with or without a separation of the

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bad, in a dose of 15 grains, followed by another dose of 15 grains

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attended in all cases with a degree of uncertainty.

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when the pylorus is obstructed, or is not effective owing to deep

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this was one of the conspicuous symptomjs that followed the con-

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nntil quite recently, the casting of a stone in any direction of

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ment of the upper lid only, as exposed in the wound. It

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Another source of confusion in the various analyses of these

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it requires no prophet to foretell that the wives who are to be

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are preceded and nearly always accompanied by a suppurating

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In the matter of treatment he is not so hopeful as the Germans.

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them heartless, they are neither better nor worse than you or I ;

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Taking the Province of Ontario alone, while no census returns

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I think that is the position of most practitioners who do some

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(1) Preventative Legislation, Embracing the Social, Municipal and

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the Insane at Anna, 111. He came into possession of the Interlaken

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was a surprise to me. Since I have been home, I have found three

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though reflex response to irritation is still present. She gradu-

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1900, a committee was formed to consider the question of the

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Ridgil 1 Other members of the staff include: Tern Welfare, Administrative Assistant; Tracy Simp-

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times containing blood. After such attacks patient experienced a

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The aim of the author has been to produce a book which would

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Greneral Paralysis. — This striking form of disease, now well

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rapidly disappear under the solvent action of the drug; and in

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the Secretary showed that patientvS were being received almost daily

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nia in adults it is doubtful whether simple ligation and removal

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which it can exercise its empire without any obstacle ; any

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There is danger of the external and upper walls of the cells

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himself, who, like the god of Medicine, was taken out of the

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tion on so young a child, unless the conditions were extremely

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tent, the hand introduced, and innumerable slight adhesions

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modifies statistics. T refer to the laxitv in the use of the term

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date pharmacies on systematic lines. Glancing over their by-laws

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inspired by his enthusiasm, his thoroughness, his keen accin*acy and

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brana liniitans of the retina; cell-forms pervade the whole corpus; there

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