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ureters, and projected from the rectum, came away spontaneously

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is due to eyestrain. He stretches the matter, but I have had it

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months ago this new medical association was organized among the

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ulcer, and not for the form under consideration, chronic ulcer with

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This motion was accompanied and probably caused by slow

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vessels. Both are brought together by my operation over the

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culated to confuse the practitioner as to what the therapeutic

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of their daughters. In the next place the family physician can

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with the patient. Herein lies the eminent therapeutic value of

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be delivered the address of the President and the orations.

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enabled to leave, in a few moments, to their own resources, patients

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General Hospital. We find 2.800 observations alone in one thousand

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the ages they are in our State correctional institution under the

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quickly, and over so great an extent of surface, after infiltra-

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poultices on the epigastrium restrain the vomiting. I think I have used a

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of rheumatic fever resembles an infective disease ; moreover the curves of

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umns." I naturally wishing to take note of so important a fact,

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make the shoe from the plaster cast. Sampson, of Baltimore,

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as we work back from the edges, and one can also see the outline

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in living conditions, or medication which might have caused these

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under similar conditions, before ascending in a balloon. Dr. Gaule

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introduced to medical practice ; at first mainly as a disinfectant. Almost

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very far from the dividing line which separates sanity from

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two came througli, and fully recovered without relapse. In one

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four or five days. Contraindications are general sepsis, leaky

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which may be found in the editorial notes of this number.

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he makes continuous and prominent acknowledgments of his

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county where wells have been drilled alkaline, saline and sulphur-

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sity ; Secretary Medical F.aculty, Toronto University.

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grounds, graveyards, cemeteries, and tombs, are to be espe-

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sure over the pyryformis, it did not produce pain at any other

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through the sldn down to the mass. And that is the proper thing.

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