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we^r ft silk elastic stocking as a support for thes(» very large veiu«,

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of chronic rheumatism is more or less cori'ectly applied imder throe heads,

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8,000,000 red blood cells per cubic millimetre of blood. Besides,

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theory that acute rheumatism is one of the infectious diseases. He

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In compiling this list, care has been taken to make use only of the

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more than in adults the heart is apt to suffer in all its structures at

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Uinv^rsity, dealing with An^testhetics, Fractures, Diglocaitions,

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\¥hen not in conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws.

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tures ; and decay in a joint follows damage to the soft parts in its

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are finally separated, and the liquid sufficiently concentrated

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ence is very much the same. Among n\y hospital cases, in

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cylinder whose altitude was four and a half inches, and base

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prompt surrender of the city he besieges, starves the defenders

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intead to convey the idea that I used the subcutar<«!f« stitch. I

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the lower lid. Bat he would incise it oftener than recom-

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foramen, and it is easy to see how any change in the shape of the

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under the two heads, intrinsic and extrinsic cancer, marked a

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in introducing tetanin into their patients, as well as antitoxin

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kept gently warmed (about 125° Fahr.), and the vapor blown

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apt to think he smells the peculiar odor of that one. After nu-

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nature of the soil, or character of the population on the occurrence of the

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insist, quite as unreasonably, upon the untiring iteration of " The

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unbearable symptoms, frequent during abstinence from morphine,

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the good conduct of the patient himself, to the thinness of his cranium

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Woodmen fraternities. He was a member of the Wabash County Medical

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that in the vast majority of cases which we call sciatica there is

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all, and aU for each.' " To all of which we say amen !

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Sharuin, and to them one son was bom. A widow survives him. He

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causes complications. " It has a beneficial intlucnce on the ner-

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ilitic eruption, mucous spots behind the ears, crusts on the

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afford, in as complete a manner as possible, aids to diagnosis in

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duration of .the fever is variable; in previously healthy young adults,

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January 23d, passed a fairly comfortable day and night.

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customs of ordinary commercial competition without grave risk tO'

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Dr. A. S. Jaeger, of Indianapolis: Mr. President, I wish to

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also painless, but its progress is so continuous that the skin finally

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When the people really know the universal extent of food

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