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was fed with Valentine's meat juice and Wyeth's prepared food,
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quence of the operation both bile and pancreatic juice must find
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Many of the advocates of the older view of inversion, i. e., of
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and therefore not constituting a fixed and definite chemical
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prompt diagnosis, resulting in the removal of the diseased tissue,
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been less accomplished in combating the steady and relentless
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instrument is passed through the bony wall into the antrum.
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First District, add Perry County; Second District, talie out I^wrence
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odor, due to the presence, in small quantity, of some peculiar
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cells. It is placed in the battery-cover, which is also provided
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with four to six times its volume of 50 per cent, neutral
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bec. Now, if the young medical man from the Old Land is willing
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condition. The child is still alive, and by God's mercy is
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Waverley Academy, Hanover College, and Ann Arbor School of Medicine,
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children, and in others who had not had children for fifteen or
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work on practical obstetrics, describes this condition so well I give
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to observe a large number of cases of tuberculous disease of
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tals, in all respects resembling a specimen of chloral-hydrate
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rhumatisme noueux infantile," Un. med. Paris, 188-3, xxxvi. 977. — 7. Fixley.
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the truss has any business to be used. Of course we realize the
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Trans. 1886, xxxvii. p. 387. — -18. Middletox. American Journal Med. Sci. Oct.
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at 9.50 p. M. a slight shock of earthquake. Whole amount of
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contract had the truth in respect of them been known at the time
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some cases there is a slight rigidity of the affected muscles, which
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dren," Bn(. Med. Jotirn. 1894, i. pp. 505, 561, and 623.-59. Sykks, H. W. " Cliorea
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no certain and practical means of avoiding it ; every thing
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pale, sick and pulseless, with pupils widely dilated, and died at 10.15
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within it or within the lower oesophagus, or duodenum, and for
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" sympathetic " relation to the one irritated, and this trans-
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highly necessary to win their confidence, in order to persuade
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protected by vaccination, and indeed are believers in its efficiency,
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occur they are often frequent and of moderate severity. Whilst the
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editor. After having spoken of inversion which follows after
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the products of the decomposition of all animal matter are
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